Hey! You! Thanks!!

You, person, are among the very earliest of visitors to greys.space. There's not a whole lot to see at the moment, which is why I'm thanking you for simply having a look. 

Why bother with a website? My goal is to showcase things that I do. My plan is to tinker, learn as I go, and as it gets more content, make it easier to see what I've been up to. Basically, it's my project about all my projects.

Because your attention is valuable, I'll cut to the chase: I want to let you know when I make a big update. If you just check back here after a while, you'll see some new and different things, but my emails will call attention to only the latest and greatest nuggets to be found here. If you sign up, don't expect an email every month (you can forget about every week). 
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