The Survival Podcast

with Jack Spirko

A pragmatist above all else, Jack's mission is to give you information you can put into practice. He does so by drawing upon the loyal community he's built up over the course of 2,000 individual episodes of TSP. Put out five days a week, the show follows a rigid structure yet covers a wide range of topics. Listen enough and you'll hear about everything from modern survivalism to entrepreneurship, from smoking meats to herbal remedies, from gardening to guns. This man has integrity that would put most of us to shame, and I sometimes hear him without even listening to the show, his voice making a cameo during my inner monologue just to call me out on my bullshit. It's always good to do what you say and say what you do, and Jack does just that.

helping you live a better life
if times get tough
or even if they don't